What the Mars-Venus conjunction means for YOU and your horoscope

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

It’s the Mars-Venus conjunction today at 2.33pm and it’s happening in the sign of Leo. The planets will look conjunct until tomorrow morning, so make the most of this power. The last conjunction between these two planets was on August 24, 2019, and it won’t happen again until February 22, 2024. According to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram), we’re all going to be feeling super romantic and generous and today will have a Valentine’s Day feel. Here are the horoscopes for every sign – but remember to read both your Sun and Rising sign for accuracy, Francesca warned.

Aries Sun or Aries Rising

This conjunction falls in your fifth house, Aries so it is all about creative play.

Francesca said: “Do something with your children or if you don’t have children around you, do something playful, colourful or that simply brings you joy.

“Venus-Mars conjunct in your fifth house can also indicate the initiation of an affair, so if you’re on the lookout for love then go on a date or put yourself out there.

“It’s sociable, warm, bubbly and you’re feeling like you want to start fresh with the things that you enjoy, whether that’s romantic or something else.

“The Moon is also in Virgo so there’s an indication that we might want to do something that makes us feel better such as joining a gym. Look after yourself now.”

Taurus Sun or Taurus Rising

The Venus-Mars conjunction is in your fourth house, Taurus.

Francesca said: “This is about your home and your family, so maybe you want to spoil someone that you live with.

“Maybe you want to decorate your home or bring someone you live with some flowers or a gift.

“Today is about showing the person that you live with that you love them, or if you live alone reaching out to someone in your family.

“There’s a ‘Law of Attraction’ thing going on so they may reciprocate if you create the atmosphere of love and welcome in more love.”

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Mars-Venus conjunction: The Mars-Venus conjunction happened last night (Image: Getty)

Mars-Venus conjunction:

Mars-Venus conjunction: A conjunction is when two planets meet in the sky (Image: Gety)

Gemini Sun or Gemini Rising

Gemini, the Mars-Venus conjunction is in your third house, so you’ve got a way with words today.

Francesca said: “Geminis are already very mercurial and able to articulate themselves well, but today there is extra pizazz.

“You can also celebrate your siblings today, so think about what you can do for them.

“If you don’t have siblings but have a soul family (mates who feel like siblings) open the doors to love by doing something for them and then you never know what’s going to come.

“Mercury your Ruler is in Cancer in the second so you’re extra intuitive and really understanding and feeling.

“You’re super aware of what might be the right thing to say and do, and your usually very rational way of viewing the world is more inspired by what’s written between the lines.”

Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising

Cancer, it’s in your second house so do what makes you feel good.

This is very much a self-care day for you, it’s still Cancer season so you’re feeling yourself.

You’re very intuitively connected to your body and the people that you love.

It’s your birthday month and you’ve been spoilt and now you get to run the bath, go on the walk, spend the money and know that your finances will be fine.

Don’t have any fears about your money, go with the flow, because when you show the universe that you know how to love yourself, you are again inviting more love in.

Mars-Venus conjunction:

Mars-Venus conjunction: Read your horoscope for your Rising and Sun sign (Image: Getty)

Leo Sun or Leo Rising

This event is happening in your sign, Leo, lucky you!

Francesca said: “It’s absolutely spectacular to have the Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo.

“It will be a great day to get your hair done, do any beauty regimens, do your makeup, or buy new stuff to upgrade your appearance in the way that you want to.

“This could be your personal brand rather than what you actually look like in your personal life.

“When you show the Universe that you love yourself, if relationships are what you’re focussed on, you’ll get what you’ve been waiting for.”

Virgo Sun or Virgo Rising

You’ve got the short straw, Virgo because the Venus-Mars conjunction is in your twelfth.

This isn’t a bad thing, but you’ll be focusing on yourself more than loving others.

Francesca said: “This is a time to really focus on your dreams and anything that you reflect on that might indicate your deepest desires that perhaps aren’t that conscious to you.

“From there you can expand this into what you want to make a reality, romantically, creatively or otherwise.

“There’s a lot of dormant creative energy that can be burnt from hereon in.”

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Mars-Venus conjunction:

Mars-Venus conjunction: The conjunction is happening during Cancer season (Image: Getty)

Libra Sun or Libra Rising

This Venus-Mars conjunction is in the 11th house, so you’re going to be lucky in love Libra.

Francesca explained: “This is traditionally the luckiest sector of your chart so think big.

“Venus is your chart ruler and she’s in Leo so she’s supported by the passion and drive of Mars.

“Today is about thinking about what you want for your friends and the wider collective.

“Reflect back on the talent and beauty that you have that you can share with the world.

“When you use that and share it you can expand from there.

“Libra is always interested in relationships, and with your chart ruler meeting her eternal lover Mars, there is some zest, sparkle and magic in the air.

“If you’re looking for a deeper connection, this could be the time to state what you want.

“Let the universe know what you want because there’s more chance that you’ll get it.

“Mars is negating some of Venus’ sitting on the fence vibes and it’s saying get off the fence and say what you want.”

Mars-Venus conjunction:

Mars-Venus conjunction: Love is in the air for most signs! (Image: Getty)

Sagittarius Sun or Sagittarius Rising

This Venus-Mars conjunction is in your ninth house, Sagittarius, which is connected to travel, philosophy, beliefs and ideas.

Francesca said “Maybe there’s going to be some travel on the cards for our Sagittarius friends.

“Or, romance with someone from abroad, which all Sags tend to like anyway.

“If you are going abroad there may be a romance with somebody you meet there from a different culture.

“You’ll also be able to expand your mind, perhaps participating in a course on something you’ve wanted to learn for a long time. Now’s the chance to go and study it.

“Maybe you want to teach a course or maybe there’s something that will expand your horizons and lead you down a romantic path.

“This is always about romance but romance is about the heart and the heart needs to be happy.

“We make our heart happy by doing what we love, so there is this element of going and doing and learning and creating something that matters to us. From there, you’ll be loving life.”

Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Rising

The conjunction is in the eighth house of sex death and other people’s money for you, Capricorn.

Francesca said: “With Uranus in the fifth there is something here to do with work.

“Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is in Aquarius and actually widely opposed to this Mars-Venus conjunction.

“There’s an element of working, so if you are focussed on something that you love and you know how to monetise it then you can really cash in at this time.

“But again, it’s about a passion project but also our intense relationships and your marriage.

“There is an opportunity for deep intimacy and being confident and warm enough to share yourself with someone because there’s a boost in that area of your life.

“But also, that could translate into turning a passion project into a side hustle.”

Aquarius Sun or Aquarius Rising

The conjunction in the seventh for you, Aquarius.

Francesca said: “Whilst Saturn remains in your sign, you are in a process of refining who you are and the image that you give to the world.

“At this time, the focus is very much on your one to one relationships with friends, partners and family members.

“You might find yourself spoiling the people you love because Mars-Venus in the seventh is all about opening up and being demonstrative in your relationships.

“You should start setting the intention to get out there if you’re single and want to meet someone.

“Don’t forget, Aquarius is great at online dating because they’re so connected to the world of internet and tech.

“This conjunction is about considering your one to one relationships, manifesting a relationship if you don’t have one and celebrating the relationships that you do have.

“Of course, Aquarius is about friendship so celebrate your friends too. Amplify the love vibes.”

Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising

The conjunction is in the sixth house of work and health for you, Pisces.

Francesca said: “With the conjunction in your area of work, it’s amplifying your creative opportunities.

“Maybe there is a romance at work that is about to get converted into a relationship.

“If not, put that heart and creative flair into a creative project.

“You should also think about starting a new health kick that you really care about, but only do what you love and enjoy.”

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