Use This Powerful Leaves To Get Rid Of Joint Pains And Headaches


When it comes to certain condition, it is very important to use a natural solution when possible. In many cases the remedy is right in front of us, but because we’re not informed we often choose to take synthetic drugs to solve the problem. However, this way the procedure doesn’t come without a price.

These pharmaceutical products can often come with many side effects and sometimes are not as effective as the right natural remedy. One such remedy is a simple leaf which is widely available and you probably have it in your home right now. We are talking about bay leaves!

Apart from giving an extraordinary flavor in our dishes, moreover it’s a natural remedy which contains numerous health properties, some of which are relieving joint pains and headaches. Furthermore, it boosts the immune system, reduces stress and calming your nerves.

How to Use Bay leaves to Get RId of Migraines Headaches

1. Bay Leaves For Migraines or Headaches

Bay leaves are a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. When regularly included in your diet it promotes your overall health.

If you suffer from regular headaches add this aromatic to your backyard so you can have a limitless supply of this incredible cure.

Bay Leaf Tea Recipe:
– 2 lemons
– 3 bay leaves
– 16 ounces of water

1. Place all the ingredients in a pot
2. Bring it to boil
3. After it cools down a little bit you can consume it

2.Bay Leaves and Olive Oil – Joint Pain Remedy

The Laurel plant is native to the Mediterranean region and these leave had been used since ancient times in Greece. This herb helps relieve nerves, detox the colon, treat varicose veins relive joint pains and strengthen the immune system.

2. Joint Pain Recipe:
– 30 grams of organic bay leaves
– 1 cup of olive oil (extra virgin)
– Gauze


1. Grind the bay leaves in a mortar
2. Add the olive oil and mix them together
3. Place the mixture in a bottle
4. Leave it to stay in a dark and cool place for 14 days
5. Every now and then shake the bottle during the waiting process
6. Add some of the mixtures onto the gauze
7. Apply the gauze to the affected area and secure it
8. Leave it overnight and repeat the process for several days

Even after the first treatment you will start feeling great improvements.



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