The Turtle Story, A Native American Account Of Earthquakes


“The Turtle Story” is a Native American accounting of how earthquakes occur, told by storyteller and USC alumna Jacque Tahuka-Nunez (tribal descendant of the Acjachemen Nation), filmed by SCEC UseIT interns. The story comes from the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe, a California Indian Tribe also known as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians. This project is part of the “Native California is Earthquake Country” partnership between SCEC and the Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA. Jacque is also the director of Journeys to the Past which seeks to educate and enlighten others to our precious culture while encouraging them to capture their own heritage.
Storyteller: Jacque Tahuka-Nunez
Song: Gabrielino-Tongva Ancestor Song
Musician/Singer: Virginia Carmelo (Gabrielino-Tongva tribal member)



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