They Thought It Was An Alien So They Beat It Up, Till They Found Out The Shocking Truth!


An alien-looking creature with long claws was discovered by villagers in the jungle of Sibu Village in Borneo, Indonesia. Footage of the sighting was uploaded online which quickly became viral as netizens were puzzled by the creature who looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Villagers thought it was a chupacabra or an alien.

It was nothing like they’ve ever seen before, so the villagers immediately freaked out and launched an attack against the creature that they thought came from out of this world. The villagers mercilessly beat up the poor creature with sticks until it lost consciousness. A worker named Herman Tutu explained that they attacked the creature out of shock and fear.

“We were shocked. None of us have ever seen such a thing. One of us then hit the animal until it appeared to have passed out”, he said.

When the poor bear regained consciousness it attempted to escape from its attackers. One of the villagers was able to capture a footage of the frightened animal as it made its way back to safety in the forest.

Click to WATCH: They Thought It Was An Alien So They Beat It Up, Till They Found Out The Shocking Truth!

However, the creepy looking beast was not what they thought it was. Apparently, it is just a malnourished hairless sun bear!

Malaysian authorities have confirmed that the creature is indeed a sick sun bear. Considered as a protected species in Borneo, it needed immediate attention. A rescue team was sent to the area to track down the sun bear but they were unsuccessful. They feared that the bear had starved to death shortly thereafter.

Gladly, after searching for several months the bear was found again at a plantation near the forest in Sarawak.

Rescuers immediately brought the female bear to Matang Wildlife Centre, where she was treated.

Placed under the care of Dr. Silje Robertsen, the veterinarian reported that the sun bear had a skin infection, moderate anemia, and mite infestation. Luckily, the animal quickly showed signs of recovery and will be released back into the wild if her health improves further.

Click to WATCH: They Thought It Was An Alien So They Beat It Up, Till They Found Out The Shocking Truth!

“The sight of this bear was certainly shocking, to say the least – no doubt the worst example of animal suffering that we have seen, and sadly we have seen too many animals kept in deplorable conditions and under immense stress.” The doctor said.

Though the animal was naturally defensive at first, its condition has greatly improved thanks to the rescuers’ help.

According to Nickson Robi of Sarawak Forestry Corporation, “The bear is in a good and safe place. She has eaten the food and drank the water we gave. But she is still hairless and sick, ad we need to find out what the sickness is.”

This is how a healthy sun bear looks like:



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