She Tearfully Hugs Her Horse For 3 Hours. When All Hope Is Lost, The INCREDIBLE Happens


They were galloping along the beach, when suddenly they came across a very deep stretch of mud. The horses not only got stuck, but began to sink! Thankfully one of the horses wiggled it’s way free from the mud. But the other one, Astro, began to sink deeper and deeper down.Graham had to helplessly watch her beloved horse fall victim to the sinking mud. Nevertheless, Graham grabbed the horses neck and held on for three hours. Then the tide began to rise. Volunteers arrived and all of them tried to free the horse, but to no avail.

A farmer even showed up with some equipment that he thought might help. Vets also arrived to sedate the horse. Amazingly, the farmer worked his magic and got Astro out of the mud! Thankfully Astro didn’t end up receiving any serious injuries from the extremely close call. What a relief to have her beloved horse freed and spared from what would have been a horrible death.



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