Riding A Kayak Down A Mountain In A Ditch!


Surge Sturges and Ben Marr, come back to the dump with another weapon of decision in their quiver, the Tandem Kayak. Look as they endeavor to vanquish something never been done before.They did it again! Watch Rush Sturges and Ben Marr running The Ditch at the end of the day… . in any case, this time in a Dynamic Duo and from the extremely beat… ! Double the weight, double the speed? Diversion, activity, extraordinary alter, with locally available cam, on shore cam and automaton cam.

They dragged a couple kayak up to the highest point of a waste jettison in the forested areas, and afterward bounced in for a ride down that looks more exciting than any roller coaster.The two happened to catch the entire adrenaline filled surge down the seepage discard on video. En route they needed to duck down because of a low hanging wire that could have guided their trek in a disasterous way. It’s astonishing that they survived.



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