Police Officer Was Caught On Camera For Abusing His Own K9 Partner


A brutish Indiana cop may lose his badge after he was caught on camera getting rough with his K-9 partner. Video of the Hammond patrolman lifting the dog off the ground by its collar and striking it with its own leash surfaced Wednesday, prompting the Hammond PD to put the cop on administrative leave for abusing the pooch.

A resident of the Knickerbocker apartments in the northwest Indiana city captured the sad scene with a cell phone camera, local NBC reported. “Look at him! He’s whipping that [expletive] dog!” the shocked cameraman says. The officer wasn’t identified. The dog was removed from his care, authorities said.

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. said the abuse footage left him cold. “Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse, McDermott said in a statement. “When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing.

Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.” A Hammond police spokesman told NBC the cop’s methods were “inconsistent with acceptable training guidelines.”

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  1. This officer should not be able to work with dogs again. This dog is a K9 officer who would sacrifice his life in a second for the man that is abusing him. K9 officers save lives every day.


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