Police Beat Up Mother In Front Of Her Kids, But She’s Not Just Taking It Laying Down!


Forty-year-old Cindy Hahn was arrested and tried for resisting arrest and assaulting a Carlsbad officer, but it turns out the story is vastly different from what the cops had originally been stating.As it turns out there’s a video of the entire incident, and it’s turning the case completely upside down! While leaving a birthday party in July with her children she noticed her car alarm was going off and an officer was nearby.

When she asked him what he was doing, she was promptly ordered to “mind her f***ing business” obviously that’s not something a police officer should ever state to the public, especially when kids are around.After a remark like that Hahn called up the Carlsbad police office to report the erratic behavior of the officer in question and then began driving off. Not long after she was pulled over, asked to get out of her car and then the insanity really began.

While the first cop was holding her down he called for backup, and when the second officer arrived he began punching Hahn in the face. So much so that she was admitted to the hospital for the contusions on her head and brain!For two years the cops held their story, until this video finally managed to make it’s way to the net.Not only was she not resisting or assaulting the cop, it showed exactly what she’d been through and just how mishandled the whole scenario had been.

When the prosecution saw it they immediately voted to dismiss the case, but Hahn was nowhere near done with this. Now she’s attempting to sue the state for the way she was mistreated, beaten and denied her civil rights and I for one hope she manages to get every penny she deserves from this incident.

Click to WATCH: Police Beat Up Mother In Front Of Her Kids, But She’s Not Just Taking It Laying Down!



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