This Place Is Called The ‘Zoo Of Death’ And It Needs To Be Shut Down NOW!


Warning: The photos you are about to see are disturbing!

The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia is called the Zoo of Death, and is a living nightmare for the animals there. It mistreats the animals so terribly that they don’t even get basic care, nutrition, or proper living conditions. 25 animals die each month from unnatural causes, and most of the other animals are starving.

There was an online petition to stop the cruelty in the Surabaya Zoo, but it is now closed. A representative from Cee4life delivered the petition. Their latest update said, “The zoo is not going to close down anytime soon, and the animals cannot be re-homed due to diseases. Cee4life has been supplying diet information, along with enclosure and enrichment. We were able to rescue Melani the tiger and she is doing well. The animals need aid and we are doing everything we can to do that. There are 4 other people coming at the end of April to try and also help.”

As you can see, they are horribly malnourished.

This enclosure is a living hell for this poor bear.

This black bear is full of lesions.

“The lion was found hanging from the roof of his cage. He was very young and got his head stuck in cables that keepers use to open and close the cage.”

The zoo’s last remaining giraffe perished. An autopsy revealed a “beach-ball sized wad of plastic food wrappers” inside its stomach that weighed a shocking 39 pounds.

This Bison has an eye disease.

The cages are too small and overcrowded.

This lion had all of its teeth pulled out from decay.

This white Bengal tiger died after suffering from liver and kidney disease. She was also missing one ear.

I don’t normally do these type of posts, but I feel that this is VERY important, and these animals need our help! I hope enough people see this post and we can shut this zoo down forever.



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