Petition: Punish Coward That Beat Puppy To Death For Eating His Muffin!


This unfortunate puppy was beaten until he gave his last breath: his crime? Stealing a muffin from this man and eating it.

This puppy was a hungry stray in Bogota, Colombia. He was wandering the streets of the capital city struggling to make ends meet, not knowing if he would survive the next day.

Food is scarce, so when he saw the chance to grab a blueberry muffin, he took it without hesitation. He ended up paying the ultimate price for this imprudence.

The attacker, pictured on the left, identified as Manuel Forillo lost his mind when he discovered that the muffin that he purchased and which he had left for a brief moment on a bench of a busy street had disappeared, he proceeded to teach the puppy a lesson it would never forget.

Out of the blue he started pounding the defenseless puppy and kicking him repeatedly until it died. The attack went on for minutes, although the puppy was unable to defend himself.

The appalling incident took place in broad daylight, in the middle of Bogota, yet it is quite unclear why no one intervened in an attempt to save the puppy’s life.

Witnsses finally alerted the authorities and the attacker was apprehended and detained.

In 2015 the Colombian legislature has voted in tougher animal welfare laws, which stipulates that animals are sentient beings that have rights and harming them carries a penalty of 60 minimum monthly salaries and up to three years in prison.

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that Manuel Forillo is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and no mercy is spared on his behalf.

His actions are outrageous and unacceptable. The Colombian society cannot afford to have such monsters at large and a strong message must be sent that such actions will never be condoned.

This puppy is counting on us for true justice we owe it to him to do our best to achieve this goal, so please sign below.

This hungry, 3 month old puppy was drastically punished for stealing a muffin.The attacker, Manuel Forillo, lost his temper and terminated the defenseless puppy within minutes

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