New Law Would Make It A Felony To Leave Pets In A Hot Car


You might think that it’s harmless to leave your dog waiting in a hot car for a few minutes while you run an errand, but that could actually be dangerous. A hot car can be a deathtrap for your beloved pet, as it was for this police dog who suffered the consequences of his handler’s carelessness.

Mojo’s Tragic Death
Mojo, a police dog, has gained attention recently in Dekalb County, Indiana, as he was found dead in his handler’s squad car. The handler, Courtney Fuller, was a school resource officer who served with Mojo in a high school in Butler, Indiana. When Fuller returned home, he allegedly forgot to let Mojo out of the car because he got distracted with an issue concerning his newborn baby.

The next morning, Fuller found Mojo dead in the back of his car and contacted his supervisor. A necropsy determined that Mojo died of a heat stroke and Fuller is currently suspended as the investigation continues. “The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department regrets this tragic mistake and mourns the loss of one of its members,” said Sheriff Don Lauer. This ‘tragic mistake’ and many others would be completely preventable if people were more careful with their pets.

Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car
Sweat is your body’s natural defense against high temperatures. When you find yourself in a hot place or when your physical activity raises your body temperature, you start to sweat, which cools off your body.

Dogs are a little different when it comes to fighting heat. Their body is covered in fur, so the only way they can sweat is through their paw pads and tongue, which is why they pant. Being trapped in a hot environment can make it impossible for them to cool off themselves. On a 78-degree day, the interior temperature of a car can rise to 100 degrees, and on a 90-degree day, the number can go up to 160 degrees in 10 minutes and cause heat stroke in just 15 minutes.

Heat stroke can affect all parts of the body, including the digestive, circulatory, and central nervous system of a dog. Their liver and kidneys can fail and they may vomit blood or have blood in their stool. Their blood clots, their heart beats rapidly and irregularly and may stop beating.

Their mental health can suffer, they may experience seizures and become unconscious. Suffering from heat stroke is as horrible as it sounds and it’s a terrible way to die. This video shows how terrible it actually is to leave a dog in a hot car, how to prevent heat stroke, and what to do if you see a dog waiting in someone else’s car.

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