Native American Boy Teased At School Because Of His Long Hair


Like most seven-year olds, Quannah Duquette was somewhat anxious about his first day of school. In any case, after only a couple of minutes, his mom Tasha Hubbard saw that it may something other than the normal butterflies.

“He got a look all over and I knew there was an explanation behind it.” she said.

“I stated, ‘Is it due to your hair?’ And he stated, ‘No doubt… I like my meshes, they make me can rest easy however I’m recently terrified that will get chuckled at.'”

It’s a discussion they’ve been having a ton of late. Hubbard says that since Quannah began to develop his hair out, individuals have started confused him for a young lady and he as of late inquired as to whether he could trim it.

She requested that her child take some time and consider it before settling on such a major choice.

“A considerable measure of men in my family wear their hair long so I comprehended that to be a wellspring of our quality as a people. Additionally the verifiable setting that for quite a while that wasn’t permitted that youngsters after going to private school needed to have their hair style. So I needed my child to have long hair.”

In any case, she likewise stressed in light of the fact that he was prodded and harassed in the past at an alternate school in Saskatoon.

“I felt truly miserable for him and for that dread of being chuckled at, for being singled out for what he looks like and how he wears his hair.”

So Hubbard swung to Facebook and approached different guardians for exhortation. Her post immediately produced an enthusiastic dialog from other First Nation guardians who were battling with comparable issues.



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