Mom Sets Baby Down On Barn Floor But When She Starts Crying, Horse Knows Just What To Do


Life has a funny way of surprising you when you least expect it. Perhaps you’re literally one dollar short of being able to afford your favourite pair of shoes, and then you reach into an old pair of jeans only to find a scrunched up dollar. Or maybe, you’re absolutely short on rent this month and then you learn that you’ve won a couple hundred bucks on the weekly lotto! When things like this happen, it’s merely a miracle that brings a warmness into our hearts.

And in another strange turn of events, a mother, named Tracy Lega, was visiting her horse in the stable one afternoon and decided that she would take her newborn baby with her. Of course, she didn’t know exactly how her infant nor her horse would react at the sight of each other, but she was definitely not expecting what took place.

As she set her child down on the floor in its carrier in front of the animal, the baby began to cry. Then, and to much surprise, the horse slowly bent its neck down and pushed the carrier with its mouth so that it moved gently. Suddenly…the baby stopped crying! The horse then pushed the seat a further few times, to which the baby responds calmly but when the animal persisted to stop, the cries began once again! Isn’t that something?!

Essentially, it seems as though we can throw out all of the myths that little ones are afraid of big animals and that big animals are weirded out by small babies, because these two look like they’re going to be best pals!

Click to WATCH: Mom Sets Baby Down On Barn Floor But When She Starts Crying, Horse Knows Just What To Do



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