Meet Jessica Wolfe, The Saulteaux Artist Who Beaded Jewellery For Taboo


Jessica Wolfe had always kept her bead work low key. Then one day Wolfe was scrolling through her Instagram account when a message popped up. It was Taboo, from the Black Eyed Peas with a question can she make a traditional breast plate, choker, and bandolier for him?

“I was like ‘yeah I can make this for you’. I really had no idea how, but I thought, yeah, I could learn,” Wolfe told APTN National News.

The 30-year-old started beading when she was 19 and said it was more or less something to do. And she had no idea that one day her art would be seen by the world. Wolfe, a member of the Muskowekan First Nation, connected with Taboo through her cousin hip hop artist Drezus.

The two, along with five other Indigenous artists, were scheduled to perform at the MTV awards.

“It was later in the conversation when he said he wanted to wear it to the VMAs and I thought, okay so this is going to be a statement piece. It was pretty neat to think, you’re asking me to make this?”

“It was pretty neat to think, you’re asking me to make this?”

Taboo and his group sang a protest song against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Taboo wore her art.

“Seeing him wearing my work was a feeling of accomplishment I guess you could say. Just the way he wore it with a sense of pride.”

“If that’s the finale of my work with Taboo, then that’s cool too,” she said.

It took Wolfe three weeks to come up with a design. She created the work from black buffalo bone. Wolfe said she’s not planning on stopping there. Wolfe has become known for her bead work in Calgary. Starting in October, she will be holding classes to pass her knowledge along.



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