How Many Horses Do You See? The Number Will Reveal What Kind Of Personality You Have!


YOUR WAY OF LOOKING AT THINGS IS PART OF YOUR PERSONALITY. THEREFORE, IT IS POSSIBLE TO KNOW DEEP ASPECTS OF YOU FROM THE WAY YOU INTERPRET AN IMAGE. In this case, we bring you this test. To discover your true personality, you must look at the image carefully, and answer How many horses are there really?

Remember that there is no correct answer, but the way in which you solve the question will speak of the type of person you are. Do not stop too much, just look at the image for a few seconds and answer. Now, find out what that number says about your personality.


If you considered that there is a horse in the picture, it is because you are a person who prefers to see things in a global way. Surely you made your decision quickly, in a pragmatic way but without evaluating details. For you, the whole is more than the sum of the parts, and you try to always concentrate on getting things to work well as a whole.

That is why you can be a great project manager, since you are able to visualize the result even before anything has been done. You like to work as a team and do not believe that things can prosper through individualism. While you are sure of yourself, you are not self-centered. You know that the fact that you have clear things does not make you indispensable, and that there can always be another that takes your place. So try to do things with your heart, since you are convinced that is what makes the difference.


If you counted between 5 and 10 horses, it is because you are a person who takes things seriously, and always tries to give the best of himself. You are responsible, and sometimes a little perfectionist, but you never lose sight of the objective. You are excellent at meeting goals, and in general you get what you propose, although you can be a little disorganized and clueless. In reality, you get to the deadline with things done, but you do not know how. Methodical processes are not your thing.

However, as you are a machine charged with energy, and you love doing things and being in motion, you always manage to move towards results. Sometimes faster and sometimes slower, but you never stand still. You have a lot of confidence in yourself, so much so that sometimes you can play against yourself: you go too smart and things do not go as you expected. However, do not let that discourage you and start again. You are a true persistent.


You are extremely precise, so much so that you see those things that others do not notice. If you are entrusted with a task, you will do it in great detail and without losing sight of it. This makes you someone who always gets results of excellence, but who often has trouble moving forward. You stop so much that everything comes out perfect, without realizing it, you stop moving forward: you get stuck in a dead end street.

Anyway, yours are the methodical things, the study, the hard sciences. You feel more comfortable when things have an explanation and you always try to find it. You do not like “just because”. Your need to do things right makes you general in someone very insecure: always doubt if the result you’ve reached is the best. You must learn to relax, and know that you must not go crazy to be excellent.



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