Lion Takes Absolutely BRUTAL Revenge On Trophy Hunter


The rationalization of “trophy hunting” is a pathetic excuse at egotistical man and woman practicing dominance over helpless species. Well things came full circle for this trophy hunter and her cowardly, and incompetent, guide as they gloat over their kill. Little did they know the lion they killed had some backup, and this big boy ain’t going to let them get away with their deadly arrogance.

The American woman and her idiot South African poacher who is adjusting the camera for the cowardly photo op, both end up getting their asses handed to them by another lion approaching from behind.Karma takes it’s course as this shocking video proves. Sad to see any human life taken, but when you play a stupid game like this, then expect the possibility of revenge biting you, For true animal lovers everywhere, this is sweet revenge.



  1. I hope the lion ate her throat out, bitch–and the guy –hope he got mauled and killed–both scumbags of the earth–hope they are DEAD–fuckin low-lifes

  2. I’ve never seen the joy of hurting or killing any animal for entertainment. And that’s just what they were doing. I’m sorry the people in this video were injured or possibly killed, but most animal hunters walk away unscathed, with their big guns and trophies of the animals they kill to brag about to other hunters. It’s a shame that people can’t just enjoy the sight of such beautiful creatures without harming them. Which one is the real animal here.


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