John Wick Will Now Kill Everything On Television


The wildly gory and popular John Wick franchise will become a Starz series under the name of The Continental, reports Gizmodo, after the hotel in the movies where assassins like to pal around.

For those worried that the small screen might dilute any of the dripping violence on display in John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2, Starz’s CEO says it ain’t so, promising “thunderous fight scenes and intensely staged shootouts,” not to mention “some new, darkly compelling characters who inhabit this underground world.”

John Wick Will Now Kill Everything On Television

Keanu Reeves will likely not reprise his role as the star, notes the Hollywood Reporter, but he has signed on as co-executive producer for the series and “is expected to make an appearance.” Reeves will, however, reprise the role for the third movie, which is due out in 2019.



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