Husband Admits To Sleeping With Wife’s SISTER. But Her Response Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Read.


Some people live by the motto that perception is everything. If someone is seen doing or not doing something, conclusions are made assuming the state of mind and intentions of that individual. It does not have to be remotely close to the truth for someone to presume things.

This is where a breakdown in communication happens, whether it’s in a romantic relationship or even at work. The most mature and sound thing to do is to talk, ask questions to get to the bottom of things. Someone may feel shut out of a person’s life when the individual could just be struggling to get the words out.

Imagine how many times relationships could be salvaged if people simply spoke to each other. One man learned the hard way that his perception of reality was completely different from his wive’s.

One unsuspecting wife came home one day to find a letter written from her husband. He felt a strong contempt for her lack of interest in him. He felt he had done so much for her and she was not willing or interested in returning the favour.

He cooked her favourite meal and she didn’t even thank him for it. And to top it all off, she quit her job without discussing it with him. He found her behaviour cold. The husband felt justified in leaving the marriage.

What would be the point of staying if he couldn’t figure out what was going on with her. But then he revealed HE was the one moving to a new city with someone else!

The wife thought it would only be fair to clear the air and explain her side of the story. Yes, they have been married for seven years. But his assumption that he has been an ideal husband is debatable according to the woman.

Watching soap operas on TV has been her only refuge from his immature behaviour.She noticed his new haircut but did he notice she stopped eating pork seven years ago?

She did notice a lot. Like the new silk boxers. But she hoped that her love for him and a nice getaway would somehow be the answer to working everything out.

With $10 million dollars in the account, they could afford the best marriage counselor in the country. Now, the newly single woman will have to find a way to enjoy the money all on her own.

And since honesty is very important in a relationship she let her future ex-husband in on a little family secret. We are not sure if Carla was open about her past with her sister’s husband.



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