This Horse Was Born To Die, But Watch What This Woman Does To Him


When you think of factory farming and dangerous breeding rings, you probably think of cows, chickens, even puppy mills. I had no idea that there are evil people in the world who breed horses just to let them die. Why??? You can blame it all on the races. Every time a person bets on a racehorse, it supports breeding operations and the death of innocent colts. Horse racing is BIG money, so breeders do whatever they can to get their mares to birth as many foals as possible.However, a mare (grown female horse) can’t have a foal while nursing a newborn, and what these breeders do is purely evil. They keep the colts around long enough until their mothers produce valuable milk and then bring in the hot-blooded thoroughbreds.

Not every horse can be a racing pony, so what happens to the nurse mare’s foals? They are literally born to die, but there is at least one woman working hard to save these babies. Victoria Goss has been rescuing horses for most of her life and started the Last Chance Corral in 2008 to rescue these babies that no one else wanted.



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