Girl Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide In Tears, Mom Is Sickened When She Looks Inside


Most children have a lot of excess energy and it’s really difficult to get them to stay still for prolonged periods of time. So, because of this, society invented a little place called the park. It’s a place where children can go and burn off their energy while parents relax.

But, after reading what happened to Amy Smith and her little daughter at the park, I don’t think parents are going to be able to relax when they take their children to the park anymore.

It all started when Amy had found that her daughter was taking longer than usual to come down a slide. Amy didn’t instantly react because slides are usually relatively safe but after a little while her daughter came down the slide crying and Amy instantly knew that something was wrong.

When she came running to mommy in tears, Amy was shocked to find her leg was dripping with blood. This was no accident, someone intentionally set the park up so that a child would be hurt that day.

Mom was horrified when she found broken glass on a portion of the slide that had been intentionally put there to harm children. Her baby, Demi-Mai, was badly cut with some shards still embedded in her leg. She rushed her daughter to the hospital where she received special care.

Baby Demi-Mai should be fine and is fully recovering at home but she is now traumatized by the experience and too scared to use the slides now. Her mom now wants to get the message out to other parents that they should inspect play equipment before letting their kids play on it. She hopes no other parents has to go through what they went through.

I am fully aware that there are some sick people in this world but why do this to a child? Why just plant glass shards on a slide for a child to get hurt? It makes no sense and I hope that the culprit is found and gets what he or she deserves.

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  1. I was horrified by this article. Frightened is more the word. Everyone snould take notice. Please, please before you allow your child, children or little ones that you are in charge of go onto or into an amusement ride at the playground, please cautiously check every inch of the ride for anything dangerous or suspicious that might harm a child. Please spread this article and message

  2. How awful! That anyone would want to do this is beyond understanding. However, just a note of caution – looking at the photo and references to her as Baby Demi-Mai – perhaps she was just a little bit too young to be going on this kind of slide anyway – but that is for the parents judgement. Still a horrid thing for anyone to do to any child regardless of age.

    • 1. Most photos that go with internet articles like these are NOT pictures from the actual parks or places where the incidents took place.

      2. Some kids are naturally more daring than others. Age versus playground equipment only counts when it comes to something that could seriously hurt/injure a child. A one-year old on monkey bars 6 or 8 feet in the air is definitely not a good thing. A typical swing for older kids isn’t good for a baby as they don’t necessarily know how to hold on to the chain properly yet. However…a slide is a slide…especially if it’s enclosed (it’s not like they can fall off of one like that).

      3. So, you’re saying, it would have been fine if it was an older child who’d gotten hurt?

    • How sad that any child is hurt and why do you need to put the blame on the parent due to the age of the child I would think the parents are already hurting enough.

    • Mary Hyland, you’re a Dick. Your comment was completely unnecessary and didn’t add anything meaningful to the conversation.

    • God didn’t tell this person to go put glass on a slide to hurt someone. smh Yes, there is plenty of evil in this world which God will take care of very soon.

      • Karen, if God actually exists as an ‘all-powerful, all-loving God’, then certainly he would have stopped the person from putting it there. That’s common sense…why would he allow an innocent child to be hurt. So either A. God doesn’t actually exist. Or B. He doesn’t give a crap.

        • God allows us to be free moral agents. that is we have free will. we can choose. we can choose to do right. we can choose to do wrong. God does NOT make us do what is right. God allows us to choose. we are not puppets. we can act on our own accord.

        • God allows us free will. we are free moral agents. we have the ability to choose. some times people choose to do good things; other times people choose to do evil things. we are not mere puppets. people some times make bad decisions that negatively impacts the lives of others. this bad decisions are not based upon the will of God. these bad decisions are based upon people doing not what God wants them to do, but rather what THEY want to do.

        • He gave us a mind of our own wants us to use it as we choose! If he didn’t then we all would be nothing but robots or a type in f slave! You just open your eyes and look around and ask yourself this. If God is not responsible then who and or how did all of it and us get here?

          • God doesn’t exist. He’s merely the realisation of a combination of older deities that predate all branches of Christian faith practice.
            Also since he doesn’t exist he is not responsible for the creation of all that we know, all that we think we know, all that we don’t know and all that we are too blind to see.
            Another thing that one shouldn’t ignore is that without us and anything else “God” created he’d have literally no purpose, therefore it is reasonably determineable that God never had any reasons to exist but the ones we gave him, because we (church and religious lifestyle lovers) made him up.
            God is a funny thing. He existed as a creator, then as a fledgling parent as he babysat by Adam the first man and Eve (every guys dream girl) the first lady of what? the world that seemed to suggest it was complete, but no the story continues and Mr creator is completely powerless to stop his children who he’d given dominion over all else in their perfect little paradise (ridiculous), as they succumb to the fruit of their choice (knowledge although at this point not with much freewill but loads of temptation) well Eve the tart temptress does cos Adams a good little boy. Now so far non-indoctronated and untainted children what does this “story” teach us so far? Yes Allan what do you think?
            Well a being that gave rise to it’s own purpose only to let it all go wrong and possibly be lost to him altogether, all because he allowed evil, something which goes against his desire to be present, and choice for the infant woman who is too foolish to see the pitfalls of having a mind plagued with unrelenting question,. this and a body that would sway the heart of his precious little good,… should have known better, and should’ve given greater gifts to his children but no God is young and foolish and this is obviously reflected in the choices of his offspring.
            All on high and below question the questionable.
            Steven-_- You have a question?
            Ah yeah if Eve was so hot and pretty every and any guys dream girl no doubt, why didn’t God pull a Zeus and swan Fuck her?! I mean she’s definitely his type since we are made in his image and all.. I don’t get it he made a woman for Adam cos he was lonely, God makes things for the lonely and bored which is why we exist, so surely there must be a God slut or does he just Fuck himself since he no doubt gave birth to creation so he must have lady parts too!
            Whoa whoa Stevie boy settle down. I’ll let you in on a little secret, heaven is a brothel and God has loads of orgies with all the angels. They don’t call it the choir of fire for nothing. 😉
            Yes Mark?
            God can’t exist purely for the reason that God needs to be God.
            Okay children that’s it for today, be sure to exercise your freethinking and remember while praying may feel kinda nice it does nothing.. because God isn’t so hands on anymore. So don’t worry about having sex out of wedlock. God has an opinion on everything and if you don’t do what your overbearing daddy figure wants he’ll cry but not much else will happen. Oh yes no condoms if you’re Catholic-ish they need to grow that religion even faster… what a clever idea but hey remember “it’s just a conspiracy”
            Steven and Lilly stay, I need to exercise some freewill on your divine private parts. Don’t worry God doesn’t mind if I Fuck your little mouths and assholes “cos the bible tells me sooo!”
            I’m going to heaven 🙂
            I can’t wait to see Santa the God of gifts and good times! Be good otherwise you’re going to HELL! FOREVER AND EVER AN EVER. Once you’re there God says you’re dead to me because you got on my nerves way too much and fucked with this made up thing where I decide all the rules. So spend your life getting to know ME! Because I’ll reward your effort OBVIOUSLY! yes spend your life getting to ME! GOD!! OF EVERYTHING!!! through old old books full of hard to understand texts that is only somewhat understandable for most of the following due to scholars who translated all the different archaic languages and mindsets into less then useful nonsense for a still so helpless and foolish human race.
            God doesn’t even know you.
            P.S. have more faith in yourself idiot and try try try to think for yourself and stop lying to yourself.

        • God does exist. However, God gave us free wiil to make our own decisions and choose what we want to do. Whomever put the shards of glass made their own stupid and evil decision to be so malicious.
          I am living proof that God exists. I should have died of cancer when I was a teenager, my doctors even told my mom several times to start me king my funeral arrangements, yet here I am…proof that miracles do happen and God is real.

          • Amen! God is real and exists to our lives everyday. We would not be here today, if it wasn’t for God gave His only beloved son Jesus to die for the forgiveness of our many sins so we may Live. However, He gave us a gift of freewil. We his children are free to make our own choices, good, bad or ugly choices. Whoever plant this to hurt children, choose the bad choice. In return he will be punished by God for his bad choices. This is a punishment of torturing in fire of hell 24/7. Its unfortunate that people gt hurts or die as a result of bad choices, but it is what it is. We just have to pray and have a relationship with God so it will help direct us to the right place at the right time thru his many mysterious ways.
            I was also on my death bed, doctors informed my husband to call my families to gather for my funeral. Prayers of the righteous, gave me my life back. I came back alive after a week of being in a coma, that doctors gave up on me. Because God hears the prayers of the righteous, the cries of the loved ones, He spares my life. Yes I am proof of his miracles do happen and God is real

          • how can god exist if your church of england, then the religion was made just for king henry the 8th, so he could marry as many times as he wanted. no god involved with that he was just a male slut, and the catholic religion came off the backs of prostitutes in the Vatican. no god involved there only thing religion has in common is sex that is it. that is all religion comes from is sex nothing more or less. no god no utopia no heaven no hell just a fire or a hole in the ground and that is it. all religion is fake and are cults. least the Rastafarians pray to a real person that existed. and not made up and has never been seen . but god had no part in the sick individuals that did this. god plays no part in anything

          • I am very happy you made it through that terrible ordeal, it’s been in my life also. But try to remember… how many did not? How many have not been “saved” as you like to call it? I am by no means diminishing your return to health, that’s quite magnificent. But doctors can be wrong too. Just try to remember, you were lucky. God chooses not to save so many others, men, women, children, young and old, all races, all creeds, doers or good and doers of evil. It was not gods hand that saved you, it was your own.

        • You’re an idiot first class! IF you had even a slilver of grey matter you would know that this world is one of good and evil and people have free choice… some chose to do evil. It is the conscious in the the world at large that makes what we experience either light or dark. Time to eradicate the darkness!

          • To everyone above, this article isn’t the place for a God debate. This is an informative article about what happened to a poor child at what should be a safe place to play. It also isn’t the time or place to be parent shaming. I’m sure at one point or another in every single one of your time as a parent you have done or not done something that would make somebody shake their head in disappointment or disapproval. If you don’t know the people in an article personally, then you don’t know what your talking about. Make judgements on your own family, and push your God is Good arguement when you are face to face with somebody who needs to hear it. Social media is to be social, but there are some things you don’t take to social media, those are…politics, religion, and sexual orientation. Leave a simple informative article to be just that. If you feel you must comment on it, just say how angry it made you to see an innocent child hurt and that you hope they get better soon.

          • Why is there maybe not camera’s in parks would either catch person who put it there .or be deterrent from it .plus with all the child predators it could only be common sense. They are everywhere anyway .but feel like this should be easy to help with future not bickering about religion. That seems to be losing battle .not simple fix .

        • There is no God, and I don’t believe these articles anymore. I don’t believe that’s blood on the back of her leg and if it did happen how come it wasn’t in the news , where’s the glass and where is the spot that it happened, all I see is a park and I see a baby’s back legs and I’m really not sure that’s blood , hey I’m just putting my opinion down here like everybody else, oh and I love the comment about making a comment because of his name, 🤣 are you people for real , lmao

        • Or (3) your concept of sovereignty is missing something. Just because God doesn’t do things the way you think He should, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. But deep down you already know that.

        • On the matter of an all powerful god / God doing nothing to stop this act, some of the comments denigrating the God many believe in appears and nothing more than ignorance or stupidity.

          If the author of such was directing their remark at Jesus or his father, they, obviously know little or nothing of the contents of the Bible. It addresses the issue of “raining on the righteous and unrighteous alike,” as well as the matter of free will.

          As to the existence or non-existence of one or more god, the following can be, reasonably, assumed:

          1) The person making such a claim cannot prove his/her/its claim;
          2) The person making such a claim, likely, does not have an IQ dwarfing every person believing in a god;
          3) The person making such a claim should be dismissed as not credible if only for their inability to comprehend the value of a belief in a god, even if he/she/it/they did not exist;
          4) The person making such a claim cannot explain all that exists or occurs in the world;
          5) The person making such a claim has limited comprehension abilities, just as do the rest of us;
          6) The person making such a claim, likely, got his/her/its feelings hurt at some point;
          7) The person making such a claim cannot state he/she/it read ancient scripts and such;
          8) . . . .

          • True. Just excuses to get away with their intentionally doing what they want and not paying consequences. But they will whether they believe it or not, pay consequences. I know. My experience. I too have had such miracles and know it’s God who has shown me mercy while I practice free will.

        • Well, for that remark! You had better ask for forgiveness before you go to sleep tonight, for you might not wake up tomorrow and you will have to face your maker with that sin blasphemy on your soul !!!!

    • Where was your god when this child was going down the slide? How come he didn’t stop her? Yeah, all in your mind fool.

      • We all have been created with free will to do good or to do bad.God takes notice of both. Those who are doing bad have time to repent and turn around from their wrong course. If they don’t change then they will suffer the consequences of their actions.

      • I would not want to believe in a puppet master god.
        Sadly, there are EVIL people in this world.
        No G-d’s fault that this child was hurt by an evil person.

      • Seriously, we went from a conversation encouraging parents to be careful to Bible bashing and blasphemy…. Way off topic.

  3. I hope the police keep on this case for sure, how sick can a person get. They need to set up cameras in this playground and ask everyone to be vigilant so they can catch this person!

  4. Could been worth it could had been a snake in there most likely it was others kids who done or someone had a bottle of soda and it ended up Breakin inside there but your never I’m
    Sure No adult Dont it deliberately. What this a township park or a County park. I would rather been my kids to Monmouth Co, Park then the township park cause then never care for the parks like the County park does.

  5. O my god that poor baby. Those people need caught and thrown in jail!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. Wow that’s fucked up that’s why I put my hand over everything before my son touchs it I make sure to stay safe but sometimes ur not sure and things happen

  7. Wow!!!! That is one of the most ridiculous things I have seen in a long time. Absolutely sickening. Demi-Mai? People torture their children with these names today and it makes me sick.

  8. it might be a good idea for parents to check play areas out before letting their little ones play such as swings being secure, etc.

  9. My grand daughter found a butcher knife leaning at the end of a slide with the point and sharp edge up. thank God she saw it before her daughter came down the slide. her little girl would have been stabbed and sliced open.

  10. I wouldn’t be allowing a kid in diapers on this equipment. I think that’s just too young. For one thing, lots of play equipment these days, an adult can’t really get up into them, or, it would be difficult. It’s hard to get up to that equipment for a full size adult, so, it’s hard to check for safety. I just think a baby in diapers is just too young for those slides. They will be on it with older kids who will not be concerned for your baby’s safety. It very could well be that an older kid could have left that glass.

  11. What sick son of a …..!! did that. Why take the fun out of a playground for children? Let them be innocent not fear every time they go to a park. Thank God the baby is going to be ok. I have young grandchildren and I hate to think of them ever experiencing something like that.

  12. the reason they do cruel things is because it is so horrific. The more blood the bigger the thrill. People are so sick, thats why I have only a very few friends.

  13. I am so sickened by this,but I have never let my small children on anyslides(especially ones with tunnels)without inspecting first,and I am always within a few feet of them.I dont blame the Mother she may have been watching another child or preoccupied .You should never walk away from your children .I will now be very hesitant letting children under my Care(I have a Day Camp for Children);play on tunnel slides.If I can see them its a no go.I hope this little girl gets well and isnt left with permanant phychological damage.T times fold.hey will probly never catch the culprit but Karma certainly will.

  14. Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. Whoever did it obviously thinks that sliding through broken glass is a great idea – even funny. Once found, they should have to go down many slides full of broken glass and laugh themselves up big time! They’ll have so much fun!

  15. I agree, if you can’t see in it don’t let your kids get in it. Sadly and older kid may have gotten in it too.

  16. I was so upset, I cried. Being a child care provider I can’t imagine these horrific things that people do to their own and other peoples children. To attack someone who is innocent and defenseless is inexcusable and the most heinous crimes. If the law doesn’t catch and punish you sick scumbags, GOD will! 😈

  17. That is a horrifying scenario. However, just because this is the internet, is there any way to verify this? For example, the city and the park where it took place? Any news coverage? You’d have to be a little ill to make this up, but it would be nice to be certain it really happened.

  18. I felt bad of what had happened. I truly believe that God is real and exists today in our daily living. Bad things happened when we don’t pray and have no relationship with God. He gave us a gift of freewil to choose bad or good even ugly. Whoever plant this evil thing to hurt the kids is an act of their choice to choose a bad choice. However, its sad that people gets hurt even death from ones bad choice. From my experience of having a relationship with God, things happens for a reason in my daily experience. for e.g. My road trip with my daughter 2wks ago, my daughter had some legal issues on her car, and cannot get a ticket, even tho she cleared her warrant for not appearing to court on two traffic tickets when shes supposed to, she still have DMV issues to take care of.
    She told me to switch with her on driving so she get a nap. 15mins after we switched, A police car shines lights on me from behind. I pulled over, I know I was not speeding. He said the reason why he stopped me, is because I don’t have my headlights on. My daughter wud have been stopped, who knows what could hv happened with my daughters many legal issues with DMV, but bc of my relationship and my prayers everyday for his guidance and protection, things happens for a reason at the right time, at the right place is what I believe.
    I dont know about this parent, how close she is to God. However the evil person that plant this evil action made a bad choice and God will punish him for that, torturing in a fire of hell 24/7 is hell.
    No one is perfect but JESUS.

  19. you have to hear this child cry with tears as you try to fix the injurys. If i had gun i would hide and wait as the person that did this will return . i’ve would be waiting . But GOD will hurt him in an other way

  20. i am so sorry to hear about your child’s injury i hope if they find the person they will make him pay in jail but after they make them slide down the same way may god watch over your family in your time of healing

  21. YET AGAIN a post about something that endangers got changed into a religious debate . pity that these people have no concern about childrens welfare and only use things like this to promote their religious beliefs . Hope the child recovered and that people are aware that this kind of thing does happen .

  22. So glad this child was able to get the health care she needed. It was a truly criminal act by someone and could have resulted in severe injury or death to some child.
    I’m thinking today of the $60 million spent to elect the Georgia republican to Congress, a woman who voted to gut nutrition programs for children and and who will also vote for the secret republican bill to gut health care services to several 10 million children. It is hard for me to be sad for one child when my heart is so heavy.

  23. It was most likely teenagers drinking and being stupid. Their actions may be selfish but it doesn’t necessarily mean the intent was evil. Think about it.

  24. Y’all are dumb as hell ok let’s put it like this some asshole hurt a child so now you blame the parents and god who in the hell raised you fools this was out here for parents that do things with their kids to be aware of their environment so to all you with negative comments go play in traffic and blame your mother thanks to the person for posting glad you care enough to share

  25. I love it how people are saying Satan did it.
    You religious fucks are the reason crimes are not solved.
    “God will take care of it when he’s dead”
    Be realistic. Oh wait don’t. Let’s leave the criminals alone as your imaginary friend will punish them AFTER THEY ARE DEAD. Makes sense.

  26. sick sick sick but I don’t know what is sicker the fact that most of you took this to blame god for it. I agree with Sondra keep the blame where it belongs and stop blaming a good no great parent that actually took the child and spends time with said child because these days they just send them to the park and don’t pay attention to what there doing. this parent was being a good parent and as for god I say he was there because this could have been a whole lot worse than it was. the child could have come down that slide on its back and really been cut to hell. so all you people that want to fight about whether god was there or not he was or else it would have been a whole lot worse. just saying

  27. What the fuck a child is hurt and you think oh this is the perfect time to be an evaglist. No fucking wonder people hate Christians. Holy fuck people.

  28. I heard a saying once that for those who believe no explanation is necessary and for those who don’t no explanation will do . I also heard once that God doesn’t make bad things happen, but he will be there for you when they do . So believe or don’t believe, but anyone who harms a child should be put to death . Only God has the right to judge so let’s send them up there so he can judge them.

  29. Horrible… It brought a tear to my eye.
    Although if people were to take the time to check stuff all the time, then we would never get to do anything. Heck they say you should give your car a good inspection each time you drive it. Give me a break. Better to spend that time shooting a pos you know. One at time will make the world a much better place.

    • That is a great way to evangelize. Tell someone’s “Stupid Ass” to watch a movie. It is none of your business what others believe. If you are so certain of yours, why don’t you just keep it to yourself instead of belittling someone for believing what they believe? And seriously, suggesting that Cletus can find God by looking at a silly movie is the funniest thing I have heard all day.

    • You are so right,who ever did this ,probably just thought it would be funny to see some get hurt,these children end up in state prisons,so they will get their just reward,what a terrible thing to do,to anyone,it is not the mother ‘s fault ,by any means!

  30. I think every parent that takes any child to any playground should inspect everything there so this never happens again, all parents should be prepared to do what they have to, to secure the children playing there, and so they are 100% safe.

  31. There should be Surveillance cameras at every playground park for the protection of children. This is one of the many reasons why, including abductions.

  32. Why?Why?Why? I can’t stop crying for this Mother and her Child!. I hope the Parks and Recreation does something about it NOW!!!. Cameras and Security all around the playgrounds!!!, Don’t wait for a dead body to start doing shit!… This is way too much!!-A little Baby!!!!…. Why?Why?Why????? 🙁

  33. why why why? did this happen that is awful who would leave broken glass on a slide to hurt a child I feel for this little girl who cut her leg open badly and got shards of glass stuck in her wound poor baby. digusting people I wouldn’t take my kid back to the same park if that was going to happen again.


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