Footage Of Mysterious Beam Weapon Hitting Michigan Goes VIRAL


Footage of what seems to be a mysterious beam weapon lighting the skies over southeastern Michigan on Tuesday night has gone viral as the government attempt to chalk it off a ‘meteor.’

Locals were left stunned as the bright light appeared in the sky, leaving many speculating that it was something more sinister than a natural occurrence.

One Local Meteorologist, David Sanders, who saw the lights told Neon Nettle: “If that was a meteor, then I never saw anything like that and I’ve studying mentors for a very long time” he said.

“The lights looked like a beam, meteors tend to have a certain curvature to the way they approach the photosphere, this looked like it was being been beamed down fro a god damn spaceship!”

NASA officials have given a simple explanation that the light was meteor entering the atmosphere about 8:08 p.m, but many meteorologists say they have never seen anything like it.

Footage Of Mysterious Beam Weapon Hitting Michigan Goes VIRAL

As more speculation grows among locals that the so-called ‘meteor’ was some type of air or space-based beam weapon, NASA insists that it was nothing more than a natural occurrence.

“I went to turn and I noticed a ball of flame coming at an angle,” Another resident Danny McEwen Jr. told the Detroit News. “it just blew up into a bunch of sparks. I didn’t even know what to think. It was kind of odd how orange the sky was behind me and this blaze of flame out of nowhere.”

Despite various mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post and government agencies like Department of Homeland Security, the USGS, and NASA dismissing the event as nothing more than a ‘meteor strike’, the pictures for local bystander tell a much different story.

Click To Watch: Footage Of Mysterious Beam Weapon Hitting Michigan Goes VIRAL

NASA said Wednesday on its Meteor Watch Facebook page that “we have calculated that this was a very slow moving meteor speed of about 28,000 miles per hour.”

This fact, combined with the brightness of the meteor (which suggests a fairly big space rock at least a yard across), shows that the object penetrated deep into the atmosphere before it broke apart (which produced the sounds heard by many observers).

It is likely that there are meteorites on the ground near this region one of our colleagues at JSC has found a Doppler weather radar signature characteristic of meteoritic material falling to earth.

Click To Watch: Footage Of Mysterious Beam Weapon Hitting Michigan Goes VIRAL



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