Cops Find 5 Year Old So Emaciated! Make Disturbing Discovery


A normal five-year-old boy should weigh about 40 pounds, according to, but a neglected five-year-old boy in Florida weighed only 25 pounds. The boy had special needs and couldn’t stand, speak, or even walk. The boy’s mother, Naomie Hall was arrested when the Department of Children and Families went to investigate the case.

According to reports, the five-year-old was seen eating crumbs off the floor. Hall was living in the Volusia County home with her husband and two other kids. Hall admitted that she hadn’t given her son his medicines and that she would often go three or four days without trying to feed him.

The poor child was dehydrated and very thin – he was so hungry he would chew on his hands – and that is when Hall would feed him.

The boy has never been educated or taught how to communicate – Hall said she would use his facial expressions to figure out what he needed. What he needed was proper care, and Hall wasn’t even trying to give him any care at all.

The boy was taken to a local hospital and put in ICU, they were afraid that he would have started having seizures or even cardiac arrest because he was so dehydrated and emaciated. Hall was charged with neglect, but it isn’t clear if her husband, Orlando Sentinel will be charged with any crime.

If he was living in the house with the boy and did nothing to help, then yes, he should be charged with neglect just like Hall. The DCF will continue to investigate.



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