This Cat Has Massive Paws That Act Like Snowshoes, And It’s The Cutest Thing In The World.


The snowshoe is a brilliantly simple invention that allows us tiny-footed humans to walk on snow without sinking into the white mush. But wouldn’t it be better if evolution had simply taken care of that for us and saved us all the trouble? That’s what happened for the Canadian lynx, whose huge paws basically function as nature-made snowshoes and make them pretty darn adorable at the same time! Get ready to fall in love.

The Canadian lynx snowy habitat ranges across Canada, Alaska, and some northern parts of the United States.

Their huge paws have adapted for maneuvering through deep snow, and provide a strong grip.

Are you in love yet?

“Oh, hey. Check out mah paws.”

These secretive and mostly nocturnal creatures are usually solitary.

They’re trapped for their fur, and their numbers have also declined due to habitat loss. But still, the species is currently not in danger.

These cuties will grow into those paws, I’m sure.

Did we mention that along with their large paws, they also have fuzzy butts?

But seriously, look at those things.

They’re huge!

The Canadian lynx is beautiful…

but apparently not very good at hide-and-seek.

Hi there, kitty!

Just when we thought the world couldn’t possibly be hiding anymore adorable animals, we find the Canadian lynx with their built-in mittens! My heart can’t take this!



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