Abandoned “Game of Thrones” Hollywood Set In Desert


Unbelievable film uncovers ‘Hollywood in the Desert’ where several blockbusters including Game of Thrones, Gladiator and The Mummy were shot.Atlas Studios was utilized as a part of incalculable hit movies and TV appears in the wake of opening in 1983 in Ouarzazete, Morocco including Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and The Grand Tour.Plenty of fake blood has been spilled in the sanctuaries and preparing grounds of this now relinquished motion picture set.

Picture taker Bob Thissen, 31, found the blurred fabulousness of the site known as ‘Hollywood in the Desert’ prior this month.Bob who has been a urban wayfarer, known as urbexing, for more than ten years, found the locales on Google Earth and was unverifiable whether regardless they’d be standing.”I attempted my fortunes and went there, trusting it was surrendered, overlooked and not demolished.”Several miles rough terrain into the leave, Bob found the ‘overlooked sets’ that had been relinquished and reported his finds.



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