7 Common Mistakes that Cause Hair Loss in Men

Thick luscious hair locks are everyone’s favourite. No matter what age, what gender or what region you belong to. This never-ending love for your hair comes naturally.

We take every measure that saves and protects our hair. From herbal shampoo to hair food, we follow every other hair care tip we hear about.

Our struggle for better hair doesn’t stop here. What about the home remedies we have been following for centuries? Unfortunately, despite all these efforts, we remain unable to stop this hair loss or even hair damage.

Ageing, genetics, environmental factors… No matter which way you slice it, there are many possible causes of hair damage. I just want you all to follow my uncle who ended up looking for a hair transplant in Rawalpindi.

Common Mistakes that Lead to Hair Loss

Let’s just know more about the habits that can result in hair damage in men. Hair damage can be caused by;

1- Too much heat

One of the major causes of hair loss in men includes overexposure to heat. Too much heat, direct or indirect, wet or dry can damage the hair strands. Using a dryer daily and taking hot showers are among the habits that expose hair to too much heat. This heat can cause damage to the scalp and dry out the roots that anchor your hair.

2- Longhair

Another cause of hair loss in men is men who keep long hair. Long hair might seem tempting or you can be a part of hair trends and fashion, but it ultimately causes hair loss. Too much hair length can be a cause of stress on individual hair strands resulting in air damage that can turn into hair loss anytime.

3- Washing your hair too often

Everyone loves sorted and silky hair strands and to do this we often wash our hair. However, the frequency with which you are washing and shampooing your hair can also be a cause of hair loss in men. Washing too often can be damaging for your scalp as it can make your scalp dry and remove the natural scalp oils required for your scalp health.

Moreover, the kind of shampoo you use also plays an important role in determining your hair health. Use mild shampoos or at least consider the ingredients inside the shampoo bottle to help you make an informed decision regarding your shampoo choice.

4- Inappropriate brushing

Brushing is known to make your hair look sorted daily but do you know the way you brush your hair greatly defines the outcomes of brushing. Too much brushing can weaken our hair and result in hair loss. A recommended practice is to comb your hair lightly and not too often. Talking about brushing, there is another important consideration in that; brushing wet hair can also be a cause of hair damage in men.

5- Nutritionally insufficient food

You become what you eat, goes as it says on the tin. The food you eat greatly affects your hair growth. There should be certain ingredients in our food that can make your hair strong and thick, preventing hair damage. The deficiency of certain important minerals and vitamins is one of the prominent causes of hair loss in men. Thus, it is important to consider your dietary intake if you are starting to observe any hair loss initially.

6- Too gentle hair washing

Just like vigorous washing, gentle hair washing can also be bad for you. This is because your scalp is in need of some stimulation that you can give by massaging of shampoo. So, a too gentle hair wash can be bad for your hair as well and can cause hair loss.

7- Choice of hair care products

The selection of hair care products plays an important role in your hair health. Whenever we are looking for a particular hair care product in the market, we are likely to find its hundred forms each coming with claims of proven results. This can leave anyone confused. The presence of chemicals in these products affect different people differently so it isn’t a one for all thing. It is recommended to consult your dermatologist to help you choose the right products that are less damaging for your hair.

Bottom Line!

Hair health is important and everyone among us wants to have healthy and luscious hair locks. The secret for better hair not only lies in your genetics but your hair care plays a major role.  Thus, if you want to protect your hair for longer times, it is recommended to take care of your hair to prevent hair damage and hair loss. However, if nothing seems to work for you, then it is recommended to seek out help from a professional as soon as possible.