What Are Spiritual Gifts?


Before I started on my spiritual path, which is the path I had chosen before I returned to earth this time (learned from my spirit guide), I did not know what a spiritual gift was nor that I had one.

I found out from my main guide Matoowah, a native American Indian who has been with me since my birth, that my ability of hearing voices was a gift from God.

I learned that each one of us has a unique spiritual ability which enables us to communicate with the spiritual realm – our angels, spiritual guides, other spirits and the Higher Power.

Once you know what your spiritual gift is, you can use it to help others.You can read more about your individual gift at spiritual gifts personality traits.

Everyone Has a Spiritual Gift

Perhaps you do not realize your particular ability, or have not yet learned how to awaken your spiritual consciousness in order to access your special gift. It is only possible through meditation. Remember that each ability that we possess is God-given.

I have learned that this gift is an ability that each person has developed over many lifetimes, and is earned through tough lessons.

For example in my case, I did not listen to others and it took me many lifetimes and difficult lessons. I was beaten, tortured, maimed and killed many times before I finally learned to listen to others. Once I finally learned that lesson, God gave me the ability of clairaudience (hearing voices in the spiritual realm).

If you are not yet aware of your own spiritual gift, it is necessary to start listening to your inner voice. Through the practice of meditation, you will discover your special abilities and all the answers that you need.

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