This Strange Disease Is Making A Comeback In America. Avoid This Animal At All Costs


Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is a notorious but rare disease, and there are typically 50 to 100 cases in the United States every year, according to Dr. Sunil Joshi, the president –elect of Florida’s Duval County Medical Society.

In most years, around four to ten of those cases occur in Florida. Last year, there were 27 confirmed cases of leprosy in the Sunshine State – and five more cases were reported during the first five weeks of 2016.

According to Joshi, the increase in cases is likely due to increased contact with armadillos.The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is one of the few creatures that can carry the bacterium that causes leprosy.

Armadillos can also be found throughout the whole state of Florida.Dr. Joshi went on to explain that the increased development in Florida is disrupting the armadillos’ habitats and habits.

Armadillos are typically nocturnal, but more are coming out in the daytime. They are about the size of domestic cats, and their strange appearance can encourage people to examine them up close.Armadillos can carry other diseases, including rabies, and they are also destructive burrowers.The Florida Department of Health advises people to avoid touching armadillos and to keep their pets away from them.

If somebody spots an armadillo or signs of an armadillo burrow, like a hole about the size of a football surrounded by mounds of dirt, they should call a professional pest control service to have them removed.

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  1. No, you do not have to have them (armadillos) removed, they may carry the disease, but unless you plan on putting them on a plate you have nothing to worry about. The disease can only be spread by eating them. They do not bite and touching them isn’t going to give you the disease.

    Way to go, humans, how long before people start to kill these poor creatures out of fear and panic.

    • They are already highly endangered… hopefully only the bloody poachers will catch anything from them. People are so stupid and cruel!

      • You don’t know what you are talking about. They are a common pest throughout the South. No one “poaches” them. They are killed as a nuisance creature, though.

        • You are correct. They are not endangered. They are destructive. I speak from experience. I spent 32-1/2 hours over many days repeatedly putting my garden back in order after nightly armadillo visits, until someone shot the beast.

      • They are not native to the United States, but have migrated up from Mexico. Why would we consider an invasive species as endangered.

        • Sunil Joshi the perpetraitor of this assault on armadillos does state armadillos carry one KNOWN bacterium associated with leprosy.

          The main species Homo Sapiens is the primary infectious carrier.

          SUNI Joshi comes to us from INDIA where suddenly the significant NEW healthcare providers hail from.

          Leprosy was mostly removed from society by isolating leprosy victims into leprosy colonies in a modern world that used to seek higher qualities of LIFE.

          Unfortunately India Lost this perspective of equality and OPTED for their CASTE SYSTEM where lower castes (losers of tribal warfare) live on less than 50 cents a day. 400,000,000 +++ UNCLEAN Indians are forbidden to touch normal people (large gangs of tribes) that ganged up on little people THE INDIA UPPER CASTE whose reply ITS LIKE THAT represent the prevailing attitude of massive numbers of Indians fleeing the squalor of India where more than 500,000 supper from leprosariums. The disease NOT VERY WELL RESEARCHED BY India’s SUPERIOR HEALTHCARE SKSTEM needs immediate research so we can actually eliminate this suddenly growing risk among US

      • Not so highly eendangered…in fact, they are spreading from what used to be just one part of the country to the whole country.

    • The nine-banded armadillo is as common in Georgia as domestic and feral cats! The only exception is cats don’t burrow deep holes all over the yard! Georgia roads are also known for “road kill”, mainly possum’s and armadillo’s (Georgia refers to them as possums on the half-shell)!! The are NOT going extinct any time soon!!

  2. Years ago, my uncle became very ill by trying to skin one, he was cut and ended up in the hospital for ages….

  3. My husband and I live only about 30 minutes away from the Gillis Long Hanson Disease Hospital and Center at the end of River Road in Carville,Louisiana.

  4. I have several that live under my house RIGHT NOW, I see them all the time, they are harmless and I don’t bother them, nor do they bother me!

    • I grew up in west texas, they were/are everywhere, literally harmless. I know of no one who ever contracted leprosy in west texas. Leprosy once a serious problem, mostly resolved by leprosy colonies.

      India the world’s largest leprosy victims have 500,000 ++ leprosy victims.

      Armadillos DO NOT exist in India. The homelands of Sunil Joshi. The author of this armadillo bashing article.

  5. Endangered my a–. We had none in Kansas a few years ago. Now we are overran with them. My husband has killed over a hundred in the last 3 years. They decimate lawns and shrubs.

  6. I have seen two or three borrows in my yard…back in the woods, not near the house. Have not seen one yet…I have caught several of these while living in Florida, I have not got any diseases from them. Up here in Georgia, I see one in the road, dead of course, so I know they’re around, probably by the hundreds judging on the amount of wooded areas around….I think they’re pretty harmless……

  7. Armadillos are not endangered. They are very destructive. I speak from experience. One armadillo visited my garden almost nightly for weeks. It took me 32-1/2 hours over many days to put things back in order. Then he was eliminated with one shotgun blast. No more problems for the past 11 days.

  8. Humans are so destructive they are destroying the earth, and not only spreading diseases, but manufacturing new ones. But poor sweet animals get scapegoated instead. I would love to see an armadillo. They look beautiful.


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