Pueblo Indian Facts


The Pueblo Indians comprise of a few Native American tribes who are situated in the Southwest United States, basically in Arizona and New Mexico. The best known about these tribes are the Acoma, Taos, Hopi, and Zuni. On this page we will give fascinating data and actualities on these Southwest American Indians. You will likewise discover a rundown of the considerable number of tribes delegated Pueblo Indians.

General Pueblo Indian Facts
– The word “pueblo” comes from the Spanish word “town”. Spanish explorers first came across the Indians in the 16th century and referred to their cliff dwellings and adobe house complexes as pueblos. Today, the word “Pueblo” refers to numerous Indian tribes in the Southwest U.S.
– The Pueblo’s economy is traditionally based on trade and agriculture. They often traded with the Navajos and Comanches.
– The Pueblo Indians come from an older Southwest culture referred to as Basket Maker.
– Most American Indian tribes were at some point in history forced to leave their homeland. The Pueblo tribes were never forced to leave their land and remain there today.
– The Pueblo tribes, although closely related, do not all speak the same traditional language. However today most do speak English.
– In most Pueblo tribes men were responsible for farming and warfare where as women took care of the home and family.
– These Southwest Native Americans make beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry, especially necklaces.
– The Pueblo people were excellent farmers. They grew crops including corn, beans, and squash.
– Pueblo weapons consisted of bows and arrows, spears and war clubs.

Pueblo Indian House Facts
– The Pueblos Indians lived in multi-story houses made out of adobe (baked bricks composed of clay and straw) and stone.
– A pueblo often contained numerous units and would often be home to an entire extended clan.
– Ladders were used to reach the upper apartments of a pueblo complex.
– Many Pueblo Indians still live in pueblos that have been occupied by their people for hundreds of years.

Pueblo Indian Clothing Facts
– Traditionally Pueblo men wore only wore breechcloths and moccasins made out of deerskin on their feet.
– Traditionally Pueblo women wore cotton dresses that went down to the knee called mantas. These dresses fastened at the right shoulder leaving the left shoulder bare. Like Pueblo men they also wore deerskin moccasins on their feet.

List of Pueblo Indians
There are twenty one pueblos (Pueblo People/Places) recognized by the federal government of the United States. They are listed below
– Hopi Tribe (Arizona)
– Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Acoma (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Cochiti (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Jemez (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Isleta (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Laguna (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Nambe (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Picuris (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Pojoaque (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of San Felipe (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of San Ildefonso (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Sandia (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Santa Ana (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Santa Clara (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Santo Domingo (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Taos (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Tesuque (New Mexico)
– Pueblo of Zia (New Mexico)
– Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo (Texas)
– Zuni Tribe (Zuni Reservation – New Mexico)



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