Paiute Indian Tribe Facts


The Paiute tribe of Native American Indians is comprised of a few groups all through the western piece of the United States, otherwise called the Great Basin locale. The Northern Paiute’s domain covers parts of Oregon, California, Idaho and Nevada while the Southern Paiute’s possess parts of Arizona, Nevada, Utah and additionally the southeastern segment of California. The Owens Valley Paiute, who are now and then viewed as Southern Paiute, are additionally found in California and Nevada. Despite the fact that the northern Paiute were more threatening than the southern Paiute, the tribe was known for having numerous great qualities like being good and tranquil. Actually, what they are known for is their peaceful ways. It would be ideal if you read on for rundown of actualities and data about the Paiute Tribe.

Paiute Indian Tribe General Facts and Information
– Paiute women were highly skilled in the art of basket weaving. Baskets were used in everyday life as dishes and containers but also for gathering food like fruits and nuts. Because the women often carried full baskets on their shoulders, they wore basket hats to prevent injuries to their skin.
– The Paiute people were a nomadic tribe in a constant search for food through the forests of the Rocky Mountains to the desert areas to the west.
– Hunting was not a skill that the Paiute men were able to master. Bows and arrows were the primary tool used for hunting. However their bows were not very effective. Since the amount of animals they were able to kill was minimal, tribe members wore very little hide clothing.
– The Paiute were not rich in material items such as jewelry, clothes or art. Their nomadic lifestyle forced them to keep their possessions to a minimum. Because they had so few possessions, they were not often the target of attacks from other tribes.

Paiute Indian Tribal Rituals and Ceremony Facts
– The Paiute people strongly believe in “Puha” or power, a traditional belief that everything in the universe has a life force. The Paiute practice meditation and perform special rituals in an attempt to harness the puha. It is believed that health, wartime victory, weather and fertility were attainable through puha.
– The Ghost Dance, started by a Paiute man named Wodziwob, was one of their most celebrated traditions. It eventually became a universal Native American tradition. It was believed that the dance would reunite the living with the dead and bring peace and prosperity to the people.

Pyramid Lake War Facts
– Nevada is home to the Pyramid Lake War of 1860, a series of two battles between the Paiute and the white settlers. The settlers came to the area in search of gold and silver and in their search, effectively destroyed the Indians’ valuable natural resources. This created a great deal of tension among the Paiute and Chief Numaga.
– The Paiute reached their breaking point when two Paiute girls were kidnapped by white settlers. It sparked the most intense battle in Nevada’s history and the initial battle left several white traders dead and 75 members of the militia dead.
– In retaliation, the white militia attacked several weeks later and numerous Paiute Indians died as a result. A treaty was signed to end the fighting a few months later.



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