Owner Claimed ‘She Didn’t Notice’ Shepherd Starving To Death


A poor German Shepherd only weighed 16.5 pounds when she was rescued she was starved to death. The poor dog was owned by a couple, Sara and Richard Loche. 46-year-old Richard himself held prison records for causing cases of animal neglect, as a ten-year ban on pet ownership and 1 year’s worth of community service were placed on him.

And now, his 37-year-old wife Sara is convicted by the Grimsby Magistrates’ Court for neglecting this poor pup. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

RSPCA inspector Stuart Wainright was also shocked at how skinny Queenie was. Queenie did not make it at the veterinarian’s, thus the vets had no choice but to put her to sleep in order to end her suffering. Loche remains defensive, claiming that she did not notice that Queenie was being starved to death.

Loche also added that she was extremely religious in feeding Queenie, as the dog consumes more than 2 meals per day. Queenie’s weight also fluctuates “a lot”, she said.

A necropsy report showed that there was no reason why Queenie was emaciated – experts think that Queenie’s starvation was intentionally caused.



  1. That poor dog, as the lady before said she didn’t miss any of her meals we can see that. We see this sort of treatment in other countries due in some way to poverty,but I thought most people in this country should know better than to treat any animal like this I do hope she gets the worst punishment possible although in this country it’s no where near long enough sentences to fit the crime.


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