Navajo President Tells Interior Department to Honor Its Trust Responsibility to Tribes


President Russell Begaye told a Department of Interior (DOI) workgroup that the Federal government needs to respect its trust obligation to Tribal countries by advancing monetary open door and income to counterbalance the potential conclusion of Navajo Generating Station (NGS).”The potential conclusion of NGS in 2019 will devastatingly affect the Navajo Nation. The loss of good, lucrative occupations won’t just influence NGS workers, additionally their kids, grandparents and more distant family individuals,” President Begaye said. “Our cooperation ought to investigate ways we can supplant work misfortune on the Navajo Nation.”The DOI met a local meeting at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass today. Amid the Navajo introduction, President Begaye focused on the demolition and effect that would bring about work loss of 3,090 direct and in direct employments thus of the close down of Navajo Generating Station and the Kayenta Mine.

“The Navajo Nation’s essential concern is the traumatic monetary effect that would come about because of the close down of the Navajo Generating Station. The connection between the government and the Navajo Nation must be reclassified,” President Begaye said. “Our synergistic mission must be to build up an arrangement to supplant a great many occupation misfortunes on the Navajo Reservation.”During his introduction, the president said the workgroup needs to consider all alternatives to advance financial development on the Navajo Nation.”We ask DOI to search inside its sister offices for business openings. We likewise need to organize a framework by which NGS workers will be given inclination in any potential business openings,” he said.

“President Trump has focused on the significance of advancing and keeping household coal generation alive in the United States and we are energized that he has announced the ‘War on coal is over’. The Navajo individuals are confident and diligent employees. We bolster President Trump’s vision on coal generation and need President Trump to remain by the Navajo Nation and Americans the nation over. We commend the president’s dedication to lift the weights of direction and permit us to utilize our normal assets to accommodate our kin.



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