Nature Has Its Own Photoshop


Nowadays, photograph altering programming allows everybody to be innovative. You should simply unleash your creative energy. Indeed, even a fledgling can draw anything they need. Yet, when Mother Nature herself goes about as Photoshop, genuine magnum opuses appear on the scene!

A bridge over an icy river

Sunset from above the clouds over Australia

In winter, the ice of Baikal Lake reaches about a meter thick

Eucalyptus bark, Hawaii

Lightning in the shape of a crow sitting on a branch

Just take a closer look at these aspen trees

The longest waves in the world appear in Puerto Chicama, Peru

Kuthiny Bata — a unique natural monument of Kamchatka

A full moon rising over the border between Altai and Mongolia

The cross section of this agate looks like an ocean

Princess Leia

A summer evening in a Russian village

The sun’s reflection on Mount Everest

Awakening of the Etna volcano

Winter also has a sense of creativity

Northern Lights over the Lofoten Islands, Norway

When the weather promises to rock on



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