This Man Dragged A Sleeping 6 Year Old From Her Bed And Raped Her In Her Own Backyard


Brock Martin, 26, admitted to police in Ohio that he took a sleeping 6-year-old out of her bed and then raped her in the backyard of her home. He pleaded guilty to six felony charges including two counts of rape, one count of kidnapping, and one count of aggravated burglary.

In August, Martin pushed a fan out of a bedroom window in Ashland and took the sleeping girl. He raped her in the backyard until someone from inside the home came out and stopped him. Martin ran off but was later caught in the woods by a K9 unit. In 2013, Martin dragged a 13-year old out of a house during a sleepover but was caught before he assaulted her.

Take a look at this man!

The Mansfield News Journal reported that Martin tried to plead innocent because of insanity, but the judge said he was fit to stand trial. Share away, people.



  1. First and foremost, why was this barbarian walking the streets? Second, why don’t they ensure that he has no equipment to repeat this sick action? Finally, why are y’all calling him a man? He is not a man because men do not do this kind of thing.

  2. long drawn out torture is more befitting for this excuse of a human being, let me punish him, I would set an example for rest of people who even think about hurting a child or anyone else.

  3. this makes me ill.. i have said it over and over. put him in a pit and stone him to death. let the family throw the 1st stones. they stoned people in bible times.

  4. This man .. what man? That is nothing but a punk piece of crap. Put him and Subway Jared together in general population somewhere and see how long they’d last as butt buddies for the big old boys.


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