Law Enforcement Officers Interrupt Sacred Women’s Ceremony At Prayer Camp


“Officers intruded on ladies’ service at camp today around evening time. Envision police jumping into your congregation while you petition undermine you.” said Ruth Hopkins, journalist from Oceti Oyate. “There was no immediate activity this evening. Grandmas were going down stately lessons to the ladies, then the Law implementation officers came.” included Ruth Hopkins. “As overseers of Unci Maka (Mother Earth) and Life-suppliers we hold a duty to secure the future for our youngsters and the following seven eras to come.”

Water defenders contradicting the Dakota Access Pipeline assembled for a holy service at the Oceti Oyate – Cheyenne River Camp this end of the week, February 18-19, for an Indigenous ladies’ gathering.”We are attempting to get whatever number ladies and individuals down here this end of the week as could be allowed,” said Gingger Shankar, an artist sorting out the occasion, in an email. This is on the grounds that North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum marked an official order(February 15) commanding a departure of the camps by 2 p.m. February 22.As Women of Sovereign Nations, Lands, and Waters, we have been given the respect of looking after the earth, the water and every single living being on it. There are exceptional lessons given to us by the Creator that have been gone down through each era by our grandmas.

Consecrated Indigenous ladies’ social event was going to revive that convention on a huge scale for every one of the grandmas, little girls and granddaughters to involvement and protect our Children’s future.



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