Count Your Bracelet Lines On The Wrist. Here’s What It Means!


Bracelet lines are the lines distributed horizontally across your wrist. These are also known as Rascette lines and they carry a number of different meanings, especially in relation to a person’s health, wellbeing and luck in general.Metaphysics links the number of bracelet lines to how long a person will live. In fact, this theory says the more wrist lines a person has, the longer they’ll live.

If the first wrist line is clearly marked and unbroken, it represents 23-28 years of life; the second wrist line indicates 46-56 years of life, the third wrist line 69-84 years of life, and the last or the fourth represents over 84 years of life. The fourth line is quite rare, whereas the typical number of bracelet lines is usually two to three.Now, if you’ve already counted the number of lines you have on your wrist, read on and find out what it means.

The first wrist line is in fact the most important wrist line. When this line is distinct and deep, it indicates good overall health. In general, people with such lines are physically fit. If, on the other hand, the first line is indistinct or scantily marked, it indicates some health problem.
In women, when the first line bends upwards toward the base of the palm or when it’s broken, it indicates gynecological problems such as difficulty conceiving, irregular or absent periods etc.
In men, when the first line bends upwards toward the base of the palm or when it’s broken, it indicates prostate, urinary or reproductive problems.

The second wrist line is linked to a person’s wealth, prosperity and happiness. Ideally, this line should be unbroken.

The third wrist line relates to the career and success of a person. An influential person will have a straight unbroken line.

The fourth wrist line is normally parallel to the third line and supports it.



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