A Beginners Guide To Native American Spiritual Gifts



Over the past 20 years, many women of Muskogean or Uchee descent, have bashfully contacted me to confide that they had suddenly developed “strange spiritual feelings.” They were wondering if they were going crazy. Perhaps their husband or boyfriend had already called them crazy, but they didn’t feel crazy. They hoped that I could explain what was going on. Most of these women were between the ages of 30 and 45. However, one young lady, who was especially clairvoyant, was only 20.

If these experiences had occurred 200 years ago in a Muskogean or Uchee town, they would have not been so confused. In fact, their parents, uncles and aunts would have probably recognized their spiritual gifts much earlier and they would have been nurtured. However, we live in a materialistic society, in which prime objective is for individuals to be socially isolated, so they can be controlled. So rather than being nurtured, these special people are constantly shunned and persecuted by sikuya*, who are slaves to evil.

*The term sikuya originally meant “slave or war captive.” However, in our evil times, it is an excellent term for those, who are controlled by external spiritual forces. They are driven to do acts that either harm others or themselves . . . more about that later.

The grandmother or grandfather spirit that these ladies suddenly became aware of, will never tell someone to harm another person or flatter their ego. They will only tell their recipient of ways to help other people and of eminent danger. In reality, grandfather/grandmother spirits are guardian angels and well within the realm of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. Of course, in “modern” sermons they are almost never discussed.

It is a just a “woman’s thing?”

No, not at all. However, the awareness of spiritual gifts often comes very differently for males. Men may suddenly become aware of these spiritual gifts like women, but more often they are the result of being given many tests, consisting of being offered a choice between right and wrong. The self-awareness evolves over time to the point that a tapestry is woven, where the man clearly understands the past. Once that occurs they don’t feel “crazy,” no matter what other people do to try to change them.

One key difference between Native American cultures and those of Europe and the Orient is that such activities as empathy, nurturing, creating art or playing music were viewed as somewhat effeminate in the Old World. However, it was quite common for the bravest of Native American warriors to enjoy creating art or music. The favorite past time of Crazy Horse was PAINTING. Ase Yahola (Osceola) liked to play the flute.

So . . . if a Chickasaw, Creek or Uchee warrior also had spiritual or creative gifts . . . it was sure ticket for being elected a war captain or a mikko. Being able to able keep the peace or if war came, to read the thoughts of an enemy, was considered to be an asset, not a cause for ostracism.

In each generation

One consistent pattern I have seen is that within each generation of Native American descendants, certain children are born with special gifts that the Master of Life intends for them to share with others. These gifts might be in healing, teaching, growing plants, raising livestock, nurturing, leadership, spiritual warfare, keeping knowledge of the past or as warrior guardians of the community. So the pressure of others around you to make you like them should be ignored. They are not following the spiritual path.

Is she blessed or has she gone crazy?

There is a very simple test to determine is someone has been blessed by the Master of Life or has a mental illness. Jesus described the test very succinctly when he said that one judges a tree by the fruit it bears. If these new feelings cause you to help others, learn about healing herbs, heal the sick, enjoy communing with nature, grow all natural vegetables, create beautiful works of art or music, know about events before they happen or stand up to evil people, etc. . . . you are not crazy, no matter what anybody says. You are blessed.

If you want to be the center of attention, be master of the world, demand that other people worship you, be a sexual predator of men/women instead of nurture them, harm other people, harm yourself, manipulate other people to do your will, destroy the Master of Life’s creation, accumulate as much wealth as possible, belittle other people, etc. . . . you are crazy . . . even if American society actually rewards those ambitions these days.

What is the difference between the Spiritual Path and the occult?

There is a huge difference. Spiritual Native Americans do not try to force their specific beliefs on others, but rather view their prime objective as being promotion of the welfare of the community and the stewardship of the Master of Life’s Creation. They view the spiritual path to be unique for each person. They help others, no matter what their skin color or ethnic background is. This assistance is not predicated on the recipient joining or believing anything.

The conventional definition of a cult is a religious organization that is controlled by a single person or an oligarchy. The leader or leaders manipulate their followers (slaves) to do their will. The litmus test for any cult, whether numbering a dozen people or hundreds of millions is:

1. Members must blindly obey the laws and edicts of the leaders or be excommunicated. The leaders typically equate their edicts to those of God or Allah or whatever. The High Muckity-Muck will claim to have talked with God and been told what to do. Thus, anybody who disagrees with the leaders is “an enemy of God.” For example, Roman Catholics traditionally eat fish on Friday because God told a Renaissance pope to require it as a means of helping the economic condition of Italian fishermen.

2. The primary objective of the organization is recruitment of new members, who will submit to all the beliefs and rules established by the leaders. Members are programmed to believe that everyone outside the cult are their enemies, but prospective converts are not told this.

3. The cult demands that a relatively large proportion of the members’ wealth go to the cult . . . not to help others less fortunate in the community.

In other words, a mega-church that builds a $30 million campus, while there are those who are suffering from poverty in their community, is a cult. This “church” has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who focused his ministry on helping the downtrodden.

In our modern era, we also have political religions. Marxism is an atheist cult, in which the spiritual nature of humans is denied and the few allocate the resources of the many. Feudalism has also become a cult among the elite of our time. I personally observed people in North Metro Atlanta, who believed in a vague concept of a “selective free market economy” being the salvation of the world. They believe that their 5% anointed elite should control 90% of world’s wealth and not have to obey any government restrictions, while everyone else should be held in a condition of serfdom by a police state.

Both the Marxists and the Feudalists believe that our current society must be destroyed violently in order for their “utopia” to take place. In other words, it doesn’t matter, who you kill or harm as long as your side wins.

Perhaps the ultimate cult of our times was the one founded by James “Jim” Warren Jones in California. He started out as a Disciples of Christ minister in Indiana. It is about an un-cult-like denomination as one could find. However, Jones came to believe himself to the messiah. His self-worship ultimately caused several hundred followers to commit suicide in their South American colony.

What is demonic possession?

Traditional Creek monotheism is many steps ahead of traditional Judaism and Christianity, because of the ability of many Creek Indians to “read” people’s souls. We can instantly tell if someone has a soul full of Light, a confused gray soul, a dark dead soul or no soul at all. We can also often tell when a malevolent spiritual force is control of that person. Virtually, 100% of the time, a possessed person will behave strangely when confronted with a Creek, who is walking the spiritual path. Most often, a possessed person will exhibit a strange frozen smile or else an expression of extreme fear.

Demonic possession is the diametric opposite to someone discovering their Native American spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are blessings from the Master of Life that come with no strings attached. One does not have to join anything or obey anyone’s edicts to use them. One does not become a mindless zombie controlled by a unseen spiritual force.

I didn’t believe in UFO’s until I looked up into the Shenandoah Valley sky one evening in 1991 and saw three objects chasing a larger object back and forth across the sky at unimaginable speeds. Well, hundreds of other people saw the same phenomenon, so I know that I was not delusional.

The same can be said about demonic possession. Even though, demonic possession is specifically mentioned in the Holy Bible and the religious texts of several other religions, I thought it was the poppycock of religious fanatics, until I observed it myself.

I have had many contacts with demonically possessed people. People with dead souls seem to be attracted by the Light. Like zombies they will intentionally come around spiritual people, but then when their intended victims are not frightened, the zombies run away.

My most recent experience was yesterday when a neo-Nazi drove by while I was picking up and burning tornado debris. Initially, he displayed a frozen smile, but that turned to fright when I pointed at him. He burned rubber getting away.

– The funniest encounter occurred on the Qualla Boundary Cherokee Reservation in 2006. I was giving a group of Canadian First Nations people a tour of the Southern Highlands. While I was in the Oconaluftee Village (an assembly of traditional Native buildings) a Cherokee conjurer saw the gorget I was wearing, which signifies being a Keeper of the Wind Clan. I had worn it because I knew that there were many demons on the Cherokee Reservation. Tourists are told that conjurers are “medicine men.” They are not. They are the priests of the traditional Cherokee religion, which conjured demons in fires and deep springs in order to dispatch them on their enemies and be advised in making decisions. Conjurers told the Cherokees to become allies of the British and to allow construction of a casino.

– The demonically possessed Cherokee turned white as a ghost, repeatedly exclaimed, “What you say is untrue!” (That’s before I had ever written a single public document on Native American history.) He put one hand up to block the view of the sacred gorget and the other to block the view of my face. He walked backward out of the village square then ran completely out of Oconaluftee Village.

How do the cults work on people?

Between around 1987 and 2001, the Satanic cults tried to bring me into their fold . . . in preparation for their “New World Order” in 2001. It began when a young woman came up to me after my former wife and I joined the Woodstock United Methodist Church in the Shenandoah Valley. She was not a member. She said, “Satan really wants you badly. He’s really going to do a number on you.”

Shortly afterward, a neighborhood friend from high school, suddenly moved from the Midtown area of Atlanta to a farm near me. He said that he had been “sent” to the Shenandoah Valley to teach me how to use the powers that I had been given. Say what-t-t?

In the summer of 1988, I noticed a young Mexican senorita and a Gringo lady in the church congregation starring at me constantly. The senorita looked vaguely familiar. They never said a word to me, but did sign the visitors’ book with a Washington, DC address. The senorita was the cousin of my girl friend in Mexico, when I was at Georgia Tech. She was 10 years younger than Alicia. What was that all about?

I won’t go into my trials or tribulations, and I was never sucked in . . . so I can’t describe their rituals. However, I can tell you what my mother said on her deathbed confession. She said that in the mid-1980s, she and the man, whose name is on my birth certificate, were asked to join a “Patriotic Organization.”

Once becoming members, they each were granted three wishes. One of hers was that I move back to Georgia, live in the suburbs near them and “commute to downtown like normal people.” Never mind that I was extremely successful professionally in Virginia and was bring groomed for a very high position in the federal government, Architect of the National Capital.

Shocked, I said, “Mother, that’s Satan!” She looked terrified, but only said, “We destroyed your dreams.” She did not specifically express repentance or ask forgiveness. Nevertheless, I really couldn’t hate her because of the horrible way she died. Her body froze into a mummy form before she died.

Well, yes, dreams were destroyed, but there was a whole lot more. In the efforts to grant her wish, a very successful architecture practice and federally licensed cheese creamery was destroyed. Ultimately 24 people were murdered because I gave them a top secret Justice Department document for safe keeping, but instead they gave it to the “Patriotic Organization.” . . . AND her wish never came true.

All I knew from that period of time was that they suddenly had a lot of money and were constantly giving me all black clothing. Oh, there was one other thing. Strangers dressed in black would occasionally come up to me on the streets of the Shenandoah Valley and say, “Everyone has to work for somebody else.” I think that was a reference of the planned feudalism in 21st century America.

– In 1999, the US Department of Defense paid the Minister for the Department of Cultural Affairs for the government of the Netherlands Antilles a considerable sum of money. This was a bribe for her to convince me to move to Curacao and live with her. She said that the DOD was very concerned about getting me out of the United States, but couldn’t explain why. She confessed to me the truth, when she realized that I was not a wealthy jet-setter. By the way, she was a very pretty 38 year old Dutch blond. I never met her in person, but she called me several times.

– A female industrial engineer from Germany asked me out to go play billiards with her. Over the pool table, she then informed me that she had been assigned to introduce me to their “religious group,” which met at a house near Ball Ground, GA. It seemed to be inspired by Scientology, but was more a mix of Satanism, Capitalism, Hedonism and Militarism. In fact, her description of their beliefs were so contorted, I was sure what they believed. She told me that if we got along, I could move back to Germany with her.

– A group of beautiful young women (with no makeup) in the Jehovah’s Witnesses came by my house and promised me that I would have a beautiful wife (with no makeup) if I joined their denomination.

– Visitors from an independent Pentecostal Church came by my house and said that I would soon have a beautiful wife and lots of money, if I joined their church. Those young women wore lots of makeup.

– When an alliance of neo-Nazi’s and organized crime took control of Pickens County, GA away from the traditional Democrats and Republicans in 2000, they told me that unless I joined the Republican Party I would have no money, friends, girl friends, wife or children. Through their control of law enforcement in NW Georgia, their threats were carried out. By 2003, I had no girl friend, few platonic friends and little money. Then other cults began working on me.

– When the powers that be, became convinced that I was not going to join a Satanic Cult, they then used Georgia cops to call women I dated to tell them that I was a serial killer or child molester then began calling architecture clients to tell them that bad things would happen to them if they kept me as their architect. That’s right . . . a lot of white members of the “Band of Brothers” in Dixie are actually in the “Band of the Damned.”

– A Muslim biologist briefly tried to covert me also. She invited me to join her for dinner and immediately began the nonsense that Islam was “the modern, rational religion.” She told me straight-faced that all Native Americans had originally been Muslims, converted by some sheik, who had actually been the first person to discover the Americas. The Christians had forcibly converted American Indians to evil Christianity. The Qu’ran specifically states that is okay to lie, if you are trying to convert someone.



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