This 8 Year Old Bride Died On Her Wedding Night For The Most Sickening Reason


In over 90 countries, marrying a child is legal. This disgusting and sickening practice goes on day in a day out all over the world in which we live. Small, young children are married off to men two, three and four times their age.

In this sad case, one 8-year-old Yemeni girl was forced to marry a man three times her age. One their ‘wedding night’, the little girl passed away. Why? Due to internal bleeding after she was ‘raped’ by her ‘husband’.

This practice is all too common in Yemen, with more than a quarter of the female population in 2015 marrying before the age of 15.

Due to atrocities like these many groups all over the world are calling for a ban to the tradition, with one argument stating we’ve moved away from barbarism and should continue to do so; though they’ve met with a crap-ton of resistance from the current Yemeni population.

This is not a practice we need in 2016 and for the future. A disgusting and sad reality that must be exonerated to ensure the safety and well being of children being brought up as civilians in these 90 countries.



  1. Mind your own business. If that is their way? Disgusting as it may be thou shall not be thy brothers keeper. Live your own lives as God intended you to in hope they will see you and change their own lives. But let them be. Sorry you should try controlling and perfecting yourself.

  2. This, was murder of a child by a rapist.

    I hope that animal get a whole lot of bad karma his way.

    This has got to stop– there is NO reason in the world for this to be happening.

    PS: Good thing ol’ Dennis was born a male. His comment is about as nasty & filthy as the guy who did this.


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