5 Year Old Desperately Dials 911, To Find His Mom Who’s In Heaven!


If nothing on the internet moved you today then you are in the right place now because the short film below has all the emotions neatly wrapped up in a perfect gift. The short film features a little boy and a police officer. In it, the little boy called the police officer with a report that his mom is missing.

After becoming a little suspicious and thinking that it was all just a prank it came to the realization of the officer that the boy’s mother was really missing. But not missing, in the usual sense of the word. She was missing from the boy’s life because she died.

While talking, the little boy went on to tell the officer that his mom was sick and after some time of being sick, she just disappeared from his life, no longer wearing those beautiful headscarves he used to see her in. For a kid, only now learning about life something like that must be very perplexing.

And the officer, knowing this, decided to help the boy. He suggested something to the boy that absolutely changed the little boy’s perspective on his missing mom.The boy instantly went from extremely sad, to elated to try what the officer told him.

Click to WATCH: 5 Year Old Desperately Dials 911 To Find His Mom Who’s In Heaven



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