46 Year Old Missing Person’s Mystery Is Solved When A 1970 Camaro Is Found At The Bottom Of A Lake


There’s apparently a very bad stretch of road near Lake Foss in Oklahoma. That’s where one man and his two friends disappeared in 1970 along with his new Camaro. Of course, no one knew that’s where they were all this time until Oklahoma Highway patrol was testing near the lake and used a sonar device to discover two cars at the bottom.

One was the 1970 Camaro and the other was a 1957 Chevy. Each contained the remains of 3 bodies that had all been missing. What was the cause? Maybe it was simply a dangerous road that led to the lake. Or maybe it was something else entirely!

Police pulled up a blue 1969 Camaro white top which matched the description of the car owned by Jimmy Williams, a 16-year-old last seen on November 20, 1970. Reports said he was heading to a football game with two friends, Thomas Rios and Leah Johnson, both 18, but their plans may have changed and they went for a hunting trip instead. No trace of the car, or any of their bodies, was found after that autumn evening. The three bodies in the Camaro are suspected to belong to the missing teenagers.

The second car recovered was a 1957 Chevy and it also contained the remains of three people. Police first suspected that the car belonged to a couple last seen in Canute, a town about 10 miles south of the lake, some time in the 1960s. It was later believed, however, that the Chevy was owned by Alvi Porter, a 69-year-old man that went missing in 1969. His granddaughter, Debbie McManamman, said in a television interview that she believed the car to be her grandfather’s green Chevy. It is not known who was in the car with him.

The highway patrol discovered the vehicles on September 10, then went back on a diving mission to investigate. The cars, which were found next to each other, were pulled out on Tuesday.

Internet users from the area have left comments on news sites speculating that the cars may have ended up in that part of the lake due to a particularly dangerous stretch of road near it.

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